Is Your Myspace Page Hurting Your Music Career?

Just wanted to dish out some more advice for all my fellow musicians making Soulfisticated (Soulful + Sophisticated) music.  I have made  a list of seven mistakes people make with their Myspace page that could be hurting their career.

1)  The background makes the text too difficult to read. An example of this would be a color photograph, and white text.

2) People having to search for the contact info. Do not have it as part of the text of your bio as it gets lost in there; people should not have to search for it.

You should have a graphic with your email address prominently displayed and easy to read.   You can see an example on my page,   All I did was save it at, and used the html code they gave me.

I realize Myspace comes with the  “message me” button right on your profile.   The problem is that they must have an account to do so.  If you make it difficult for people to contact you, they generally will not or will put it off and forget about it.   I almost lost out on a gig because of this.

3) The page takes too long to load. We live in an “I want it in an instant” age and people do not have the patience.   That being said, do take the time to personalize your page.

4) The player automatically starts playing your songs. It is annoying; especially if the person is listening to something else, or gets an unexpected jolt because someone left their speakers on too loud.

If I go to a website and music starts playing I will usually close the site.   If someone wants to press “play” let them do it, and let them pick the song.

As a side note: One site I visited  had a video set to start playing automatically, as well as their player (so two tracks were playing at the same time.)   It was frustrating.  It was a major label band too.

5) Not listing where your music is available for purchase. You should have graphics of the online retail outlets, and set it up so all people have to do is click on them to be directed right to your product.  If people do not see it is availble for purchase, they are likely to assume that it is not since so many myspace artists do not have product yet.

6) Not having a mailing list option. A lot of people are going to visit your page, and generally forget about it in the hustle and bustle of daily life.  You should give them an option of being able to keep up with you without having to constantly remember to log into your site or read your blog.

I use a Reverb Nation widget, and while it is not ideal at least it allows me to have everyone’s email address on file for when I am ready to move to my own official email list.

7) Giving out your Myspace address. You should own your own domain name (i.e. and have it redirect to your Myspace.   You should not give out your myspace address.   Want to know why?

First of all, you do not own your Myspace site.    Myspace could become non-existent at any time, or they could start charging more than you want to pay for their service.

You do not want people who visit the Myspace address you gave them to suddenly wonder where to go if Myspace shuts down or your account gets suspended etc.   If this happens, you can have your domain name direct to wherever you want them to go in the meantime.

Secondly, www.(your name).com is a lot easier for people to remember,  a lot less effort to type, and a lot less for you to say when you are on stage (“You can visit me at double-u double-u double-u  dot  myspace dot com backslash jef kearns” vs.  “  I guarantee you a lot of people are going to zone out after the “ backslash” part.

Until you get the domain name and redirect set up you should at least cut it down the amount of words when you give people your myspace address.   For example,  “You can visit me at slash jef kearns).”   They do not have to put the www part in to get there, and everyone knows it is not typical for a site to use forward slashes.

Post by Jef Kearns
Jef Kearns is a Soul Flautist proving that flute can get just as “down and dirty” as sax.
Check him at

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