How to Promote and Cross Promote Your Music on iTunes

There are three free things you can do to increase your sales and exposure on iTunes.

1)  Apply online to become an iTunes Content Provider.     By doing this you have the possibility of getting your music featured on: Free Single of the Week, The appropriate genre’s Free Discovery Download, Weekly New Music Tuesday email or genre email, the Weekly New Music Tuesday podcast, and iTunes Essentials.   You also stand a chance of your song being put on Apple Computers, and played in Apple Stores.

There are also a bunch of other benefits including delivering your album directly to iTunes, statistical reports etc..    For full details, and to apply click here.

You should do this before your album is released, because if you are accepted you can send iTunes an advanced copy for promo consideration, and you can add it to iTunes directly instead of going through a third party.

2) Cross promotion.   Most artists on iTunes do not know that you can choose any tracks available on iTunes and have it as an iMix (compilation album) in the iTunes store.

There are two ways of taking advantage of this.  First of all, you can use it to make and promote a compilation album with your friends who are also on iTunes.    Secondly, you can create an iMix that has your song alongside more established artists in hopes that someone buys the whole album.    Both are great ways to get your music to a new audience.

Don’t forget to give it a catchy name, and description.    It will create an album cover for you.

For example, take a look at the one I did.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself how to make one.   It’s simple:  Open iTunes, click on  “file” on the top left corner, click on “create new playlist” (not to be confused with “new playlist folder”) then drag in your songs.   The only stipulation is the songs must be available on iTunes, and in your music library.   I recommend not having too many songs on it; you don’t want it make the price tag too high.

When you are happy with the iMix, click the arrow next to the playlist.   It will ask you if you want to publish it as an iMix, then you can enter the title you want to give the iMix, and the description.

Once created, it will give you links on how to publish it to the web.

3) Make good use of  iTunes linkmaker.  This will allow you to  get a web address with which you can link people directly to your music with a single click (assuming they have iTunes.)

When you send out your newsletters, or post a blog about the album use the address as a hotlink.  People are more likely to click a link than to manually type in your name in an iTunes search.

Hope this helps!


Jef Kearns is a Soul Flautist proving that flute can get just as down-and-dirty as sax.
Visit him at
His album, On the Level, is available on iTunes

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