Talk Dirty: I Like It

This past month has definitely been an eventful one.    One of the highlights was being a featured performer at Trey Anthony’s birthday party.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Trey Anthony she was the creator and an actress on Global TV’s Da Kink in My Hair.  The majority of the sitcom takes place in a hair salon in Toronto’s Carribean community.

For her birthday event she chose her favourite performers, so it was a great honour for me.  The show was called Talk Dirty.  It was held at the Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts; a venue which seats 500 or so people.

Each performer had to incorporate the phrase “Talk dirty, I like it” into their act.    As an instrumentalist that becomes a bit more difficult than for a vocalist who can subsitute a lyric, or a comedian who can just use it on the way to a punchline.   So, I played one of the sexiest songs in my repertoire and at the end went back to some early and relatively unknown roots of mine: poetry.

She wakes up …
but not too much,
half asleep
beside me
in half sleep speak
she says half sweet,
“Talk dirty: I like it”

Watch the studio version here:

Trey also insisted that I perform her favourite cover of mine, which was L’il Wayne’s “Lollipop.”   She first heard at the performance below; which I happened to have recorded.   You can hear her reaction especially at the beginning.

It wasn’t the first time she had me perform for on of her events.  I was also featured on the opening night of a play she and her brother Darren Anthony did entitled, Secrets of a Black Boy; a tough, truthful and edgy depiction of the inner workings of young African-Canadian men.

Check out Trey’s captivating vlog about meeting Oprah during the Toronto Film Festival.

Jef Kearns performing L’il Wayne’s Lollipop

Comedian Trixx reacting to the performance


Jef Kearns is a Soul Flautist proving that flute can get just as down and dirty as sax.
Check him out at

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