Hip Hop Flute

If you have heard me play you are likely aware that hip hop is a large influence on my playing style.    It is a somewhat rare influence in a flautist but having grown up in a city where I could pick up all the Detroit radio stations during a time where mainstream radio actually played hip hop it was bound to happen.

I thought hip hop was the definition of popular music.   And I had no idea that  Esham’s “Sunshine” and MC Breed’s “Ain’t No Future in Yo’ Frontin’” weren’t being heard everywhere.  I thought they were major worldwide hits.  When I mention them to people who were not listening to the same stations I mostly get bewildered looks.   They were Detroit rappers who acheived some music industry success, and Detroit celebrated them … because Detroit needed something to celebrate.

I started out studying classical music, but I never listened to it beyond the sound of myself playing it.   I stuck to it a long time, and I’m glad I did but it never spoke to me.

A big song at the time was Warren G’s “Regulate” (which is of course a major song across North America.)    Being a song from my youth, I know it inside out … so I just had to cover it.


Jef Kearns is a Soul Flautist proving that flute can get down-and-dirty.
Check him out at www.jefkearns.com

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