Electric Flute and Challenging the Status Quo

I am trying something a bit different in more ways than one.

First of all, I’m performing with an Electric Flute sound for an upcoming single.  It just seems like a natural evolution for me.   I have always had my own unique sound, pushed the boundaries of the flutes place in urban music, and this is taking it to the absolute next level.   I have not heard of anyone else doing it.

If you read the Bob Lefsetz article on the Black Eyed Peas performance at the Superbowl he said “… music, when done right, is cutting edge.  It’s about questioning the status quo.”  Although the quote did not inspire the project, I think it is the best description of what this track is doing, and it is why you should support the second new thing I am doing if financially able.

I opened up a Kapipal account in order to help fund this Electric Flute Project.   Kapipal is a site where people can donate money towards a project they believe in.    For independent musicians the financial breakdown of releasing a single can almost cause them to have a breakdown.  The costs are really overwhelming sometimes, and that is why sites like these are so important.

If you have a moment visit my Kapipal page … if for nothing more than to see my breakdown of the minimal amount an artist usually spends on a single.  You may be surprised.  I would, however, really appreciate any support you can give; whether it is by donating or sharing the link or hopefully both.

Below is a short sample of the song I am trying to raise money to complete and promote properly.

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