On the Level (Official Animated Video)

This is the video for the title track from my album, On the Level.   I composed it with Chris Rouse (who did the vocals), and producer Jesse Bear (who produced and played guitar on it.)

We wrote and recorded this song in Jesse’s home studio in Toronto.   I met Chris at an open mic for urban music called Acoustic Soul, and we had talked about doing a track together.   He suggested that we have Jesse produce the track. I was not familiar with him  but, of course, with Chris being the musical genius he is I trusted his recommendation.

I came into the studio with the beginning flute riff, and Jesse put some guitar chords underneath it.  Chris arrived later and came up with a melody to the chord progression, and we wrote the lyrics collectively.  Altogether it took two writing sessions, and a few recording sessions during one of which Adam Bowman laid down the drums.

I had the idea to have it as an animated video from the time it was finished.    Thankfully, through use of Craigslist, and YouTube I was able to find the right team to put it together with me.  Timour Baibekov did the video production, the background animation, and some character animation.  I contacted him on Craigslist when he was living in England but en route to Toronto.  Brian Engh, who met Timour through his Youtube channel, did character animation.

The song is available through my website, iTunes, Amazon, and Cdbaby.

Thanks for the support, and please feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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