Answering Your Questions

I have received a few questions over the past month. If you have any to add let me know!  You can email me at jef (at) jefkearns (dot) com

Where do you go to find new music?

I have three main websites that I look to for new music.

One of them is Neo2Soul.  It focuses on the independent urban music scene worldwide. They definitely have their ear to ground, and have a true appreciation of music. Linking through to any artist featured on this site will keep you wondering why the whole world hasn’t heard of them.

Another is They were one of the first sites to review my album. Their album review section is very diverse as they have a lot of different contributers. They also we post their Top 10 major label and independent soul music CDs based on sales at every month.

I also use YouTube. It is amazing what you can discover in their maze or related links.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Aside from music, I tend to watch movies and tv on Blu Ray. I recently watched The Color Purple for the first time, and have Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker along with True Blood Season 3 in cue.

When you were younger, what did you want to grow up to be?

Quite honestly, I always wanted to be doing what I am doing now: playing the flute.

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