Cover Me Canada Promo Commercial

** Update: Just found out my video is on the promo commercial.

*** Update 2: Check out my review of Episode 1


A few weeks ago I sent in an audition video to Cover Me Canada — an upcoming music competition show by CBC in which Canadians will cover Canadian songs.   For the audition videos there were a shortlist of songs they have rights to broadcast.   I chose Alannah Myles’ “Black Velvet.”  A song about Elvis Presley which won her a Grammy for Best Female Rock Performance in 1991.

I didn’t hear about this competition until late in the game.  My dad sent me an email saying I should look into it.    A search brought up a bunch of vague press releases about the competition coming up but none linked to an official site or alluded to the fact that auditions would be online.

The night before  the deadline to submit video auditions I came across the official website.   In the heat of the moment (and the heat of the humidity) I rushed over to my friend Timian’s studio at around 9pm and laid this down.  We just put the camera on a mantle, and pressed record, as I felt they wanted to see how it sounds live rather than a heavily produced track which sounds more like a single than a live performance.   I did three takes, and submitted the third.

We took an entirely different spin on the track.  The only thing that really remains true to the original is the melody.

There is supposed be an announcement of who made it through the audition rounds on August 18th.

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