Back Again, Television Screens, and Jennifer Hudson

It has been an eventful couple of weeks, so I haven’t had a lot of time to post anything.

I have been working towards getting my video for On the Level featured on all in-store Pizza Pizza TVs. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, they are the biggest pizza chain in Ontario.   I finally succeeded … not only in getting them to feature the video, but to have an additional feature on it in a new segment they are running called, That’s Awesome.   A friend commented on my FaceBook wall today:

Hey Jef… just walked into pizza pizza and saw a group of people crowded around the tv screen watching your video!!! Love the song and video! Good job dude!

This afternooon, I auditioned for an all night outdoor arts event in Toronto called Nuit Blanche.   The installation I tried out for will have 30 musicians staggered along the street all performing the same song in their own style.   I am really hoping I get it.   The piece they chose for everyone to perform was “Will  You Still Love Me Tomorrow.”   You may be familiar with the Amy Winehouse version, which appeared on Bridget Jones’ Diary.  The curator was not able to attend but his representatives filmed my audition for him.  There was a lot of “this is what we want” sort of head nodding going on; hopefully he comes to the same conclusion.

I released my new single, Back Again on Sunday on my official website.  It hit iTunes on Monday.   It has been getting great reception.  A few online radio programs have picked it up.   Now I am working on terrestrial radio; which is a bit more of an uphill battle because it fits that adult lite contemporary format and most of those stations play “the hits” only.   Most people told me not to even bother trying for terrestrial radio.   I had 100 CDs printed for that purpose, anyway.  I am all about proving to people what can be done with comittment.

I was really really close to having Jennifer Hudson listen to it.  It seems like the sort of song she would sing.
@IAMJHUD How is everyone today?

SoulFlute @IAMJHUD great. About to release a song on iTunes that in retrospect sounds like smthng u might do. Very exciting.

@IAMJHUD @SoulFlute what’s the name of it?

SoulFlute @IAMJHUD  It’s called Back Again.  Mastered by the same guy who did Adele’s and Ne-Yo’s albums.  Listen here if you want.

And that’s where the conversation has ended … for now, at least.  I still have a feeling I will get some sort of Twitter response from her, as it didn’t happen too long ago.

I should be hearing whether or not I am going to be competing on, Cover Me Canada on August 18th.   It is a new Canadian show on which musicians perform covers of Canadian songs for a chance at winning $100 000.   People keep telling me that since I am on the television commercial I will be on the show.   But, I’m not too sure about that.  Apparently, they are only picking 8 people … and a few more than 8 people were on the commercials.

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