Nuit Blanche, Song Clearances, Cover Me Canada Top 8, and Blog Spotlights

Well, I wasn’t chosen as one of the finalists on Cover Me Canada.  They have chosen what they call their Top 8.  I prefer to call it their 8.   It’s just so subjective.  I saw a lot of amazing video auditions people posted online, and some which did not grab me (but I am sure other people thought were amazing.)  I am happy for those chosen, and was glad to be featured in the commercial.   My spirits are definitely not down, because although I did not receive that piece of good news, I did have two blogs do  features on me yesterday. 🙂

One was by  They are the company I licensed Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” through so I could do a cover of it.  Yeah, I know I’m too ethical sometimes but look what it got me: I am featured in their Artist Spotlight this month.   It has gotten me 100 more hits on the video in the space of a day.

The other was by someone I met through a friend a few weeks ago while she was down from Washington.   She did an blog on my cover of Kanye West’s “Slow Jamz” as part of a series called Feature Fridays in which she writes about music that speaks to her.   This girl can write too.  Makes me want to get back into it.

Oh, and my audition for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche was successful!  I am part of an installation called “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” in which 30 musicians at a time will be staggered throughout the street all playing one song from  a selection of six.   It will definitely be interesting to hear all the different takes on them.   So if you’re in Toronto on October 1st watch for me … I’d love to meet you.    I will be performing (with small breaks) for 6 hours during this dusk to dawn arts event.

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2 Responses to Nuit Blanche, Song Clearances, Cover Me Canada Top 8, and Blog Spotlights

  1. Joe says:

    how do you know that you did not make it? Is there a list available? They postponed their submissions for a week..maybe they’re going to be postponing this too. Didn’t see anything concrete yet except for the rules that said 5:00 pm on the 19th

  2. soulfisticated says:

    Hi Joe. CBC Cover Me Canada posted on their Facebook page, as well as their Twitter account that everyone who made it was contacted by phone and email on the 18th.

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