Dear Alanis, It’s not ironic.

I am on the train back to Toronto from the Detroit Jazz Festival.   3 hour ride.   I was hoping to work on my new events booking website on the trip, but of course none of the power outlets are working.  Alanis might call that ironic, but would be grammatically incorrect.  It is merely annoying.  “And isn’t that annoying, don’t you think?  A little too annoying.  Yeah, I really do think.”   At least, it is only a 3 hour trip.  When I took the bus to New York City last the outlets and WiFi were not working either.  That’s a 12 hour trip.   The plan to watch films the whole way on my laptop were quickly dashed when my battery was unable to get through even one film.

When I booted up my laptop my song, I Wanna Be the One, started blasting for some reason.  I couldn’t tell if the girl across from me was cutting m,y speaker wire with her eyes or intrigued by the 30 seconds she heard before I fumbled to turn it off.

I have been trying to get my new single, Back Again, on the radio for the past couple of weeks.   Some podcasts and streaming radio stations have it in rotation (which I am definitely thankful for), but there has always been the dream of having it on commercial radio.   Maybe because I grew up with it.  I know it is a bit of a dying format in a lot of ways but it would just be a big moment for me.

Have you seen the movie, La Bamba, when Richie Valens is in the car and his song unexpectedly comes on the station he is listening to?   I want that overwhelming moment.   I want to be played on 105.9 Kiss Fm Detroit during their Kisses After Dark segment.   And I want to be played on a syndicated love song program called Delilah.  They are both programs I grew up listening to.

I am having an issue in that most commercial radio is “hits based.”   I have a feeling that record labels indirectly buy their way to getting music played.  I don’t think it is an outright cash transaction but I am sure perks are offered and relationships are developed.  A new song does not start out being a hit, it has to get played on those stations first.   The labels don’t typically wait for it to hit on college or internet radio before crossing it over; especially in an adult contemporary format.

The responses I have been getting are either nothing or “we follow a hit based format but if it ends up blowing up we’ll keep a lookout for it.”   I will keep pressing copies and pressing on until I get there.  This song is going to be big for me; I can feel it.  If you could buy a copy of it on  that would definitely help fund my mission.

(They just turned the power outlets on … yessssss!)

I wanted to get my video played in the over 200 Pizza Pizza stores across Ontario.   Less than a month later I accomplished that goal.  Not only having it played, but having them feature it on two different segments.

I wanted to be on the Cover Me Canada TV commercial.   I recorded a great audition and was featured on it.

Commercial radio play will happen.  I know that what I put my mind to will be realized, it is just a matter of sticking to the vision.   Unlike Fleetwood Mac, I don’t keep “my visions to myself.”


Jef Kearns is a Soul Flautist with goals.
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