Toronto Nuit Blanche 2011, Delilah’s Radio Show, and Top 40 Radio Here I Come

It has been a while since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been really blogged bogged down with promoting my new single, Back Again, as well as my new booking website Live Vibe Toronto.

Live Vibe Toronto is mainly aimed at receptions/events/parties where the vibe of live music is wanted but not the feeling of having to budget for a full band.   I come in with some instrumentals and lay down live flute on them.   The tag line is Live Vibe Toronto: a cut above a DJ spinning their favourite cuts.

The single promotion is going pretty well; it’s also pretty time consuming.   Back Again is a radio song that verges between adult contemporary and smooth jazz.

When I asked people if it was worth trying to get on the mainstream adult contemporary stations most people said it’s a door closed to everyone except major labels.   That’s not something I really sat well with.  Through a lot of hard work the song is now charting on two mainstream adult contemporary stations — JJAM FM and CJWA FM.   A couple others are taking it into consideration.  I’m pressing on and ready to press more CDs if necessary.

My biggest aim is to get it on the Delilah radio show.   It’s one of those syndicated shows I grew up listening to.   If you have a moment please visit her Facebook page,tell her you want to hear Back Again by Jef Kearns, and link her to

It would be greatly appreciated; even if you’re reading this months later.

I’m playing at an all nights art festival here in Toronto on October 1st called Nuit Blanche.  The project I am part of is pretty cool.  There will be 30 or so musicians at a time scattered throughout the street all playing their versions of songs from a short list.    It’s called “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”

The curator, Kevin Schmidt, asked everyone to record their take on that song for promotional purposes.  I sat down this afternoon and did a quick version.  Enjoy it!

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