Canada’s Got Talent … and Why They Didn’t Get a Chance at Mine

UPDATE:  I ended up submitting to the YouTube Online Auditions as the contract did not mention the elements I had trouble with.  The good news is that I made it to their Top 20 Online Auditions.  Don’t know if I made it to the live show yet, but I definitely got a lot of exposure out of it.

As I write this I am listening to Groove 99.1 FM. My new track, Back Again, was put into high rotation by Groove FM which is part of the Corus Radio Network … which is huge in Canada … Groove FM is in Winnipeg … I am in Toronto … but I can stream it. 

Back Again has also been picked up by a couple of adult contemporary stations here in Ontario (which I unfortunately cannot stream.) All this to say, if there is a nonsensical string of letters like “akljsflakfjdlaskfja” and the entry suddenly cuts off it’s because it came on, I’m excited, and likely forgetting to make a screen capture of the playlist.

I was going to audition for Canada’s Got Talent. I applied for an audition time, I had my audition piece picked out, but I had no idea how the contract would look.

A few days ago, I received my Toronto audition time along with the contract I was to sign. The contract had a troubling section, “The program may reveal or relate information about me of a personal, private, intimate, surprising, defamatory, embarrassing, or unfavorable nature, that may be factual or FICTIONAL. My depiction in the program may … expose me to public ridicule, humiliation, or condemnation.

On the lighthearted side, with public ridicule or condemnation I might be able to claim refugee status and get that American citizenship I always felt would benefit my music career.

In all seriousness, I can’t quite reconcile signing something saying they can lie about you with intent to make you look bad.

My audition time came and went and I didn’t go. Was it a mistake or a potential regret? Maybe. I’m still trying to decide. I never like to pass up an opportunity but I never like to sign bad contracts either. Basically they want the right to spin whatever they want, however they want, and if it’s not exciting enough to be able to make something better … or worse … up.  That’s what reality TV is all about.   I have seen these talent shows make a fool of a lot of people.  It’s one ratings moment for the show, but it’s a lifetime for the person they do it to; especially with YouTube.

I read that on The Voice contractually all contestants had the right to be represented by a lawyer, but that lawyer had to be selected from a group of three or more lawyers chosen by The Voice. That’s definitely a conflict of interest.

If you did see me on Canada’s Got Talent … I would probably be auditioning with something like this …

Back to making it happen on my own … I have a long list of radio music programmers to get through.

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4 Responses to Canada’s Got Talent … and Why They Didn’t Get a Chance at Mine

  1. eva says:

    Canada’s Got Talent is a reality TV show that loves getting bad acts. It does not really matter if you are the most amazing singer etc because the whole thing is designed to make money in a way that hurts peoples feelings. Did you know that you have to go through 2 auditions (in front of a random judge they could have pulled of the street) the first time you go they give you a bit of paper saying they will email you in over a month on so and so date to see if you got through. If you get through you go back wearing the same thing and doing the same act in front of another random judge then if you get the call back after another growling wait you fly to Ontario to be on TV in front of the REAL judges. I am a singer songwriter who has worked with major artists with over three albums and i did not get a call back.
    I am not blowing my own horn but my audition rocked and people were stunned when they heard me sing. So my take on reality TV is that you either have to look like crap and then perform a master piece, act like a fool or be the lucky one that got picked!

    When i auditioned for Pop Idol back in the day in England i got through to the 2nd round and they told me my voice was amazing but i did not have the look. I asked them what the look was. The reply “short skirt, you know a little less” NICE

    My view: Do not let TV shows break your spirit, we try everything we can to get noticed and these shows are one in a million.

    Good Luck you sounds great

    Eva Turkoni

    • soulfisticated says:

      Hey Eva. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I was aware of the two auditions. I have at least a couple friends waiting for call back. It was a decision I was wrestling with as to audition or not … but when I read over that bit of contract I referenced I decided it wasn’t for me. They can spin your act/talent however they want … and even though I can’t see myself falling prey to that … I don’t think it is right overall. They’ve made complete fools out of people who may have just been nervous.

      These reality TV shows expect everyone selected to give up everything (including their jobs) at the off chance they might win. They’re exploitative labor as you are essentially working for free for the show for weeks on end. If Burger King hired a bunch of people and said “Ok, everyone here works six months for free. If we think you’re the best worker you win a job and get everyone’s salary for the time they worked. The rest of you get nothing” it would be a huge deal and taken to the labor boards. The sad part is some people would go for that.

      I read an article recently that said America’s Got Talent one million dollar prize is really $25 000 a year for 40 years or a payout of what after taxes is something like $375 000. How much is $25 000 going to be worth in 40 years with inflation going the way it is?

      These shows can be fun to watch. You definitely get introduced to a lot of strong talent, but when they don’t win you rarely hear about them. They can say it’s great exposure. But as my friend says, “people die of exposure”; it doesn’t always pay the bills.

  2. SHY says:


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