Lil Wayne, Single in Harlem, and Up All Night

It has been a while since I’ve had a chance to blog.   Life has been hectic between trying to promote the new single, gigging, and also working working part time — on top of all the work I am putting into music — so I can record and promote upcoming music.

The part time work is okay aside from the hours.   I wake up at 5:30am and get home at 10:30am, nap, then stay up til around 3am, repeat.   I am a night person.  I love the night.  Can’t help it.

Perhaps it is because it is when it is the quietest for working; although now that I live alone that is no excuse.  It was probably engrained in me from growing up with more than a few people in the house.  I used to stay up all night writing poetry, and short stories when I was still living at home.

There’s something about the darkness that sparks creativity and drive in me.   Most people hate when it starts getting darker earlier.  I love it because I know I end up being more productive.

Speaking of night, I have a new performance video I recorded a few nights back at a restaurant in Toronto called, Harlem.  It’s a cover of Lil Wayne’s track “Single.”   Enjoy!

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