Finally Friday, Marvin’s Room, and Booking Those Cocktails

Finally, Friday.   It has been a bit of a rough week but I won’t get into it.   I’m not a complainer.  I do what I can do.

It just occurred to me how weird it is that people can segment their luck into weeks.  “This week was bad, but next week will be better.”  It is a measurement of time that we made; Monday in reality does not have a barrier between it different than (for example) Wednesday to Thursday.  If the following week is better it is likely just because we are more optimistic.

I ended up booking a few wedding receptions and cocktail hours here in Toronto over the past couple months.   I have a lot of fun doing them because first of all: I always get great feedback, and secondly because: it helps fund steps I am taking to get myself better noticed in the music world.   I was going to say better recognized, but I think for the most part people who notice me recognize my talent and work I put into it; it is just a matter of getting it more widely noticed.   If they don’t hear you they don’t know you exist.

I went to The Village Underground in New York and I blew them away.  I performed Stevie Wonder’s, Knocks Me Off my Feet.  People were clapping not just at the beginning of the song but throughout.  Some stood up to applaud in the middle of my performance.

I went to the Detroit Jazz Festival open mic, and they loved me.

These are places I need to get back to, so I am getting the money together to do so.

As a side note: I’ve kind of been mesmerized by a track called Marvin’s Room.  Originally, it was Drake‘s track but a lot of people have released their own versions.   The version I first came across was JoJo’s.

Anyway, I decided to do my own YouTube version.   I was inspired to be a bit experimental with the video this time.   Hope you like the visual, and if you don’t please feel free to lie to me 😉


Jef Kearns is a Soul Flautist with a Sole Focus: making good music.
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