How to Get Your iTunes Purchases Back When Your Computer Crashes

My computer crashed once with nothing backed up.  It crashed a second time with everything backed up on an external hard drive; which crashed the week later before I had a chance to make a second copy of it.

Nothing was salvaged either time.   The first time I went to a data recovery place.  They charged me $50 to tell me that it would cost $800 and they can’t guarantee how much they can recover.   Vowing to never lose any information again I know back up everything automatically online as well as Blu-ray.

Perhaps my biggest losses were iTunes purchases.   You buy them once, it warns you to back them to CD or an external drive, but we usually just click the x or “don’t remind me again.”  Then when you need to get them back no one has any idea of what to say except “Sorry, they’re gone.”

I recently found there to be a way to get all your purchases back.   All you do is click on “store” and then scroll down to “available downloads.”

There’s also a way to get past purchases off your iPod, iPad, and iPhones.  You can read up on it here.


Jef Kearns is a Soul Flautist who just saved you a lot of money and song deprivation.  The least you can do is check him out on iTunes.  😉

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