Canada’s Got Talent Auditions Toronto – Live Show Review

I went to a taping of Canada’s Got Talent in Toronto last night.  In some ways it made me wish I tried out for it.  It is always great to get that validation from the audience no matter how far in your career you are.

On the other hand all the musical acts, save two, seemed pretty amateur so I’m not really sure how much of a place I would have in a competition like that (albeit, I have not seen any of the other hundreds of auditions.)   I signed up to audition but had a few issues with the contract, and ended up cancelling.

I will never forget my first standing ovation.  I was playing as a guest feature for this Apollo style talent competition put on by Trey Anthony.  I started up on this Lil Wayne song I had never performed in public.   I wasn’t sure how well it would go over.  People started getting loud, but in a way that I couldn’t tell if they loved it or hated it at first.  All that was going through my head for the first thirty seconds in the video was, “Keep going, and you better play the hell out of it.”

Back to Canada’s Got Talent: the stage looked great, the judges were engaging, and the acts were varied in talent and level of expertise.  You could tell that some were brought out just to be comic relief; they had to know going in that they didn’t have a talent that was going to get them to the next round.

I’d like to describe some of the acts but will respect their request of non-disclosure.  If you have watched the American version of the show you pretty much know what kind of show the producers are trying to create.  They want a combination of bad acts and breathtaking ones.

I will say the Canadian version is more like your everyday talent show than the American version which has daredevil acts.   The stage is a lot smaller, and that is all it can really accommodate.

The judging panel had great chemistry. I enjoyed them more than the American version. Martin Short has great comic timing and genius.  Measha Brueggergosman is an amazing vocalist with lots of valid commentary on performances (non-vocalists included.)   Stephan Moccio (pianist, composer, producer, arranger, conductor and recording artist) has a likeable although harsh honesty.  I can’t say I disagreed with anything any of them said.

Getting back to my comment I made about validation in the first paragraph, I received a really amazing personal message on YouTube last night.  Every once in a while I get messages like these, and although I am know I am following the right career path (I have known since I started listening to music that I was meant to be a performer) it is amazing to have someone say you inspire them or have made them see the flute in a totally new light.  I really need to turn them into some sort of wall of reminder/inspiration for myself.

Here is the message, and a few other comments/messages that have really stood out to me:

I just have to say you are insanely amazing and so inspiring! I’ve studied classical flute since i was 11 and started to get bored this last year (I’m 18) but coming across your music has completely refreshed the way i see the flute! Could you possibly send me sheet music for your Slow Jamz Kanye West??!

This is badass! awesome job man!

Ok 1st of all I LOVE your original music..2nd can we please get some sheet music for this lol. Thanks for being such a great musician.

You’ve totally inspired me to pick up my flute again, havent played for about 4 months but your amazing!

fucking epic man, i want to play flute now 😛

Omg I need this sheet music I want to play it in band and they be like what?

Great.  I never a flute could sound this good,

WTH? 65,874 views? How come its only showing my views?

Lovely man, well played man, i’d like to buy your album after this

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