Domino Effect – How Our Actions Touch Others

I received a YouTube comment from a high school student a couple of months ago regarding a Lil Wayne tune I covered:

“Omg I need this sheet music I want to play it in band and they be like what?”

I ended up sending her some sheet music I found online for the song, and asked her to tell me how it goes.  I say that to everyone I help out, hoping they do, but rarely expect it to happen.

Today she followed up, “I just remembered that i never told you how it went! Well it went amazing every flute player around my school plays (it) around school now and even some other instruments!”

As my vocalist friend Lisa Michelle said when I posted the comments on Facebook, it is an “Amazing reminder that when we do what we love, it changes the world for the better in some way!”

It is an honor beyond words to know that there a bunch of people now playing a song solely due to the way I played it (and who knows how that could influence one of them on the rest of their life path.)

There was another flautist who commented on a different video today, “OMG!!THAT IS AWESOME!! And my friends say playing flute is lame, u sure showed them!

Comments like these confirm I am walking in the right direction by following my passion.

Since I started playing the flute (at around 10 years old) I knew I was meant to play Urban/R&B/Hip Hop on flute.  And I knew I was meant to be successful at it.

I bought Lionel Richie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling” album shortly after I started, and I vividly remember looking down at it on my bedroom floor one day and saying to myself, “I am going to play with him someday.”  I knew flute was basically unheard of in that type of music before but I knew that I was meant to show people it could be done.


Jef Kearn is an urban soul flautist.  You can help support him doing so by helping to support his music

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