2012: The Goal

It seems to be that time of the year when we look in the mirror and reflect on the year.   I have had a lot of great things happen and some personal things that have left craters in my life.

I am only going to deal with positive this entry.

I was on the commercial for CBC television’s  Cover Me Canada with my hip hop rendition of Alannah Myles’ Black VelvetCover Me Canada was a show where musicians competed for money by covering Canadian songs.   While I was not a part of the actual competition (they didn’t choose any instrumentalists) I was asked to be on the roster of accompanying musicians as they needed them.

My video for On the Level was added to regular rotation on Pizza Pizza’s in store TV station on two different segments.  Pizza Pizza is the most popular pizza  chain in South Western Ontario.

My single Back Again was (through a lot of hard work) was added into regular rotation
into a station on the Corus Radio Network (one of Canada’s major commercial radio stations) as well as some indie stations and podcasts.

I have nearly completed a new single (aimed more towards the instrumental side of things) produced by Slakah the Beatchild.  I also appeared on a couple of tracks on his Slaqadeliks “The Other Side of Tomorrow” project.  You may know him from having produced the Divine Brown ft. Nelly Furtado single “Sunglasses at Night.”

Career related goals for this year:

One is perfecting a one man act on which I will be working with pedals.   I am going to start playing a lot more live.

I am going to release at least three new songs this year, and also to start blogging more.

And finally, I am going to get L’il Wayne, Kanye West, or Mariah Carey to notice me.  I’m not looking for them to sign me, I just want them to mention my name and maybe include me on a track.

Non career related:

I am going to finish decorating my loft.  I ordered three French movie posters to tie in with
the print of Paris I have.   I want to have a subtle Paris type theme going on.

I also need to get a new area rug.  I had twin grey rugs but tried to iron a wrinkle out of one not realizing it was made of plastic.

I need to finish off my bedroom.  I was thinking of framing some album covers which have been influential on me, and possibly getting some vintage recording equipment to put on my dresser.

I am going to listen to one album I have not heard every day.

(As an aside I replaced all my “I want to”‘s with “I am going to” in this entry.)

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