Help Me Decorate My Bedroom!

I mentioned my loft in my last post, and how I have resolved to finish decorating it this year.

On Friday, I decided to make a video of how it is at the moment.

The far (and longest) wall of my loft is going to be a gallery of three framed and matted over-sized French movie posters staggered from end to to end.  I found the posters, now I just have to find the budget.  I will probably end up doing one every couple of months.

I’m quite happy with my place aside from the bedroom wall (and the bed frame … but I have a new one coming.)  I have a couple prints up but I don’t feel like I relate to them anymore; they are really just up because I have them.

As I said I was thinking of framing some album covers along the white wall to create a line, and have some vintage recording devices on my dresser.  I feel like it might be too many framed things overall in the unit.   A sculpture on the wall might be better, and keep the dresser minimalistic as it is, but I can’t really think of what kind of sculpture … or what to do in general.  Any economical and vaguely financially prohibitive ideas would be appreciated!

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