Poetry Slams and Slammed Hearts

It has been a weird couple months for me.   Newly single after 4 years, and I’m trying to navigate through that.   GPS would come in really handy right about now.

I recorded a new performance video for YouTube a couple of days ago.  It’s a track by Lil Wayne, called Blunt Blowin’; not something I partake in but the beat is (to use an overused word) epic.  The intensity and build really grabbed me.  Plus, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to get him to take note of me so it seemed obvious that I should put my melodic spin on it.

I went to the Toronto Poetry Slam at the Drake Hotel yesterday to perform the song as part of their pre-show open mic segment but somehow my name got thrown into the slam category instead.   I am definitely not a slam poet, although I have been getting back into writing.

The poets were at minimum good.  A few were exceptional.   To me the ones that stand out as exceptional as the ones who don’t have to turn every line into some complicated metaphor that they read really rapidly and it’s just too much to follow so fast and so frantic (you should be speeding up as you’re reading this) and all you can do is sit there and try to grab onto a line here and there as it flies by and you don’t really know what they’re talking about but you think you might be able to relate or hold on to one line as the others fly by or it’s at least deep.

Read it slowly like it is prose and hit me with a metaphor that floors me.   If you’ve put that much work into writing it, read it to the audience so it has a chance to sink in.

There is a poem by Gwendolyn MacEwen which demonstrates precisely what I mean called, Memoirs of a Mad Cook.  The first stanza is gripping in a prose sort of way; you feel you understand what she is saying.   And the last stanza becomes intense with metaphors that could relate to the  life of anybody on some level (whether it’s cooking, love, or whatever issue.)

It was a greatly creatively inspiring night.  I’d definitely recommend checking out one of their bi-monthly events.

I have been in a literary sort of mood lately.   Consequently, I have been contemplating holding a poetry/movie night where we can read some of our writings or ones that have touched us, and then watch Wonder Boys or another film centered around authors.   Possibly make it a somewhat ongoing (irregularly regular?) event for five to six people.   It would help me get back into writing too.

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