Canada’s Got Talent – Last Chance Auditions

UPDATE: I was picked as one of the 20!  Please take a moment and vote for me here.

I decided to submit for the Canada’s Got Talent Last Chance YouTube auditions.   If you’ve been following my blog you might remember I had some issues with the contract for the live auditions.   With the online auditions nothing needed to be signed (a.k.a. signed away) so I decided I might as well just for the sake of exposure.  Plus, there was this song on their short list of approved songs that I’ve secretly always liked (Ke$ha – Tik Tok) and needed an excuse to cover.

Doing the song (and the response I have received) has made me think about getting more into doing dance beats.

From the online auditions the show picks 20 and then it comes down to a week of online voting from the public for who they want to see on the show.

Competitions based on online voting have never been a big draw for me.  I rarely enter them because it seems to be a question of how many friends you have, and how many different email addresses you can create.  Every time I ask someone to vote for me it feels like I am spamming them; especially if it requires daily votes.  It’s not the relationship I want to develop with my friends/fans (I consider them one in the same.)  If I got to the Top 20, I’d promote that I was but not in a needy/annoying way.

90 percent of the auditions are vocalists.  The other 10 percent are other types of acts seem to be dancers.  One of whom was really good but could be disqualified due to time limit, and not using a song from the approved list.

All this to say: if the show is looking for diversity and talent for the last chance auditions I think I have a fairly good chance of getting to the Top 20 Online Auditions.

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