I’m Top 20 on Canada’s Got Talent Online Auditions!

It was 12:30am. I was in bed. I was ready to go to sleep.  But then a message came through on my phone from a newly acquired Facebook friend saying, “Congratulations on making it to the top 20.”

It was one of those moments where excitement siphons all composure out of you. I started shaking (just the slightest bit) trying to shake disbelief out of myself — I didn’t think I’d find out who was chosen until later that morning. I got up, turned on my computer, and there it was: My submission on the top 20 for the Canada’s Got Talent online auditions. 2 hours later I was back in bed. 3 hours later I had to get up for work.

The Top 20 were picked by the judges and producers out of thousands of submissions. When I say The Top 20 … that’s their wording. I would prefer to call it Their Top 20. There was a lot of amazing talent vying for those spots (a press release said there were 3700 submissions.)  Choosing is so subjective, but I’m glad they saw something in me.

From now until February 1st us 20 will be competing to move onto the semifinals. It’s based on votes, and only one person is chosen. So, I definitely need your help.


It is as easy as going to http://www.youtube.com/canadasgottalent?x=us_vote_62_14

My submission should automatically come up; just clicking the “Vote for This” button below the video. It hasn’t been working on phones.

One vote per day from today til February 1st. No registration process required. You can be from ANY country.


Most of you know I have been working long and hard towards getting the proper exposure, and this would definitely be a great venue for it.

My submission was featured on Breakfast Television today:

I want to give a shout out to some fellow competitors, who although did not make it to the final 20, deserve recognition for their entries, great talent, and general kindness. Whereas a lot of people wish you luck until they find out you made it and they didn’t, these people have been nothing short of amazing in their support throughout. It is great to meet talented and authentic people.  I am sure you will be hearing more from these people.

Please check their audition videos out:

Drea Darc

James Sylvain

Ben Tamana

Marc Glipo

Vanessa Mastin

Brett Michael Monka

Lyle Fernandes


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1 Response to I’m Top 20 on Canada’s Got Talent Online Auditions!

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hey Jef!!
    Thanks for the mention and congrats on getting in to the top 20! You’re awesome and deserve it! My mini fan base in Calgary is voting for you! I hope it’s enough!!!

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