Thanks for Voting!

Thanks to all who voted to get me from the Top 20 Online Auditions to the live televised semifinals of Canada’s Got Talent.  Although, I didn’t make it through it showed me how much faith people have in what I do.  It was truly humbling to have so many people (many of whom I did not know) reaching out to help me.

You can currently check out my entry into MuchMusic’s Coke Covers contest.   I chose to do Selena Gomez’s “Love You Like a Love Song.”   No need to register to vote, just rate the video.   Click here to vote, or if you just want to watch the video is below.

Many of you know that Will Ferrell’s character Ron Burgundy announced a sequel to Anchorman recently on Conan O’Brien.   For those unfamiliar, Anchorman is a comedy about a weatherman who also plays jazz flute while performing ridiculous tricks such as blowing fire out of the end of it.

In light of the announcement of Anchorman 2, I put out a challenge to him for a Flute Battle Royale to be performed live on Conan O’Brien.  Anything you can do to bring awareness to this challenge would be greatly appreciated (Tweet the link @ConanOBrien, or write on Conan’s Facebook page, etc.)  I have attached the video to the end of this post.

Over the past week I’ve been hard at work in the studio.  A new single should be arriving within the next couple of months.  The tentative title is Electrified.  I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

If you didn’t get a chance to hear my latest single, Back Again, check it out here.   It’s a song I recorded (while in a relationship) about someone restoring your faith in love.  In somewhat of a prolific twist of fate it is exactly what I am looking to happen right now.   Also, ironic, the last song I posted to YouTube before the breakup was L’il Wayne’s “Single.”

Flute Battle Royale: Jef Kearns Soul Flute vs Ron Burgundy Jazz Flute

L’il Wayne: Single

Selena Gomez: Love You Like a Love Song

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