My First Love in London and Paris

Soooo happy to say that my new single, Play On, got some love from the UK this week on Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net blog.  It is definitely an honor to be among the other Fresh Faves, especially since it was listener voted out of the top submissions Tom and his team initially picked.  You can check out the write up here.

You may recall my song, I Wanna Be the One (a.k.a Subliminal remix) was featured on Tom Robinson’s BBC program “BBC Introducing” when my debut album came out.   If you missed it you can catch the audio in the YouTube link below.

To shift from London to Paris, my song, I Wanna Be the One (Savage Groove Mix) has been picked up by a Soulful House Music station there called BEATWINUS Radio.  I highly recommend tuning into the live stream here.

The BBC and BEATWINUS are the first stations to show me love in London and Paris respectively so I have a definite affection towards them.  They’re my first love, what can I say?   I’ve always wanted the opportunity to play live in both cities so their exposure a great help in that direction.

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